Friend Best Happy Birthday Quotes and Wishes

Friend Best Happy Birthday Quotes and Wishes

1. Happy Birthday To My Fantastic Friend. I hope this is the beginning of the best year ever!Have a great day!

2. Happy Birthday. Thank you for always making me happy. I hope that coming year is filled with much love and happiness.

3. Happy Birthday To My Friend! I am very lucky to have a great friend like you in my life. Have the happiest birthday ever!

4. For My Special Friend, Happy Birthday. I hope the best gift you receive today is knowing how much you mean to me!

5. Happy Birthday. Wishing my special friend a day full of presents, laughter and lots of fun!

6. Happy Birthday To My Sweet Friend. As you celebrate another year of life, always remember how much joy you bring to mu life!

7. Happy Birthday. You’re the kind of friend who knows how to make every day instantly brighter!

8. Happy Birthday. Friends like you make life worth celebrating. I hope your day shines as bright as you do!

9. Happy Birthday. You’re not getting older… You’re getting better! I’m tickled pink to be your friend each day!

10. Happy Birthday My Friend. Everything is more fun when you’re by my side. Here’s to another year of having fun & being fabulous!

11. Happy Birthday. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Here’s to more fun times ahead with forever friend!

12. Happy Birthday. Always remember how much you are loved by the people around you. Enjoy this special day my friend.

13. Happy Birthday. For a special friend like you, the sky’s the limit on your birthday and every day!

14. Happy Birthday My Friend! Today is a day to celebrate you, so make it special and surround yourself with everything that makes you feel like the stars you are!

15. Happy Birthday To My Fabulous Friend. If friends were flowers, I’d pick you! I hope your day is filled with all the joy and beauty you bring to everyone around you.

16. Happy Birthday! Let’s celebrate another remarkable year of your life, my friend. I hope you will find plenty of sweet memories in the coming year to cherish.

17. Happy birthday to my dear friend. You’ll be special to me until the end. Let’s celebrate you and your special day in every single way.

18. Happy Birthday To My Amazing Friend. Side by side or miles apart, you’re always in my heart. I can’t wait to celebrate a birthday for someone as special as you.

19. Happy Birthday To My Awesome Friend. As you celebrate another year of life, I want you to know how much you bring to my life. I’m so lucky to have a friend like you.

20. Happy Birthday To My Amazing Friend. I hope your special day is full of fun and laughter. May the coming year bring you all the joy and blessings you wish for.

21. For My Friend, Happy Birthday. Some friends are more precious than gold, and you are definitely one of them. Here’s hoping your special day sparkles and the coming year brings prosperity and joy.

22. Happy Birthday. Birthdays come around every year, but friends like you only come around once. Best wishes on your special day.

23. Happy Birthday. Hey friend, it’s time to celebrate you and all that makes you so awesome! Have a super fun day.

24. To My Fabulous Friend Happy Friend. You inspire and motivate me, and of course, make me laugh. You have been such an encouragement over the years. Thank you for being so wonderful. Wishing you a terrific birthday, my friend.

25. Happy Birthday. Wishing my fashionable friend a glamorous birthday and another year of looking fabulous! Enjoy your special day.

26. Happy Birthday. To My Exceptional Friend! Hoping your special day is a joyous occasion that brings hope for the year ahead.

27. Happy Birthday. Sending special birthday wishes to my dear friend who I love spending time with! Thank you for always being such a great friend through the good and difficult times. You’re the best!

28. Happy Birthday. From the first day I met you, I knew we would always be friends. Wishing you a beautiful birthday.

29. Happy Birthday. To my friend who brightens up my life! I am so thankful to have you as my friend. Have a terrific day and wonderful year.

30. Happy Birthday. To My Fantastic Friend! Wishing you a birthday that marks the start of a spectacular year filled with happiness and success!

31. Happy Birthday To my Sweet Friend! We have a long history together that has provided so many great memories of fun and laughter. You’re a joy to be friends with. Have a wonderful birthday!

32. Happy Birthday. Wishing my dear friend a spectacular birthday celebration! I am so thankful that you are in my life.

33. Happy Birthday. his special day only comes once a year, dear friend, which means it is time to celebrate this grand occasion! Have a fabulous day.

34. Happy Birthday. To My Good Friend! We have known each other for a long time and have been through so much together. I can truly say that I could not have asked for a better friend than you. Have a great birthday!

35. Happy Birthday. It’s your special day my friend! You can eat as many birthday treats as you want. Have fun!

36. Happy Birthday. Hey friend, this day is all about you, so make sure to celebrate and have the time of your life!

37. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To My Friend! I am so very thankful for our friendship. You always make me laugh, and you give me such great advice whenever I need it. Love ya, friend.

38. Happy Birthday, My Friend! There’s no such thing as laughing too loud, drinking too much, or dancing too hard. Life is a treat-enjoy it!

39. Happy Birthday Friend. Prost! Salud! Cheers! Wishing you many more happy days!

40. Happy Birthday, My Friend! Time to shake it loose and get groovy! I hope your special day is full of fun and as fabulous as you!

41. Happy Birthday. Friends like you make life more thrilling! You are a gift to everyone around you.

42. Happy Birthday. On your birthday, you’re the star! Friend, you know how to shimmer and shine all year long! May this birthday be as bright and exceptional as you are.

43. Happy Birthday. Pop open that bubbly and stay classy my friend! What do they say about too much of a good thing? Oh right-it’s awesome! Party on.

44. Happy Birthday To My Friend. Lookin’ good! Cheers to another fabulous year you fabulous thing you. Now get out there and get something shaken or stirred or both!

45. Happy Birthday To My Friend. You’ve been visited by the birthday pooch! He guarantees: Magic! Sparkles! Rainbows! It’s all yours on your birthday! Now get out there and have an awesome day!

46. Happy Birthday To My Awesome Friend. Have I ever told you you’re awesome. No? We’ll you’re awesome. Seriously awesome. And now you know I think you’re awesome. (Like really awesome!)

47. Happy Birthday. You’re the kind of friend who makes every day worth celebrating!

48. Everyone should be lucky enough to have an awesome friend like you. Go all out and celebrate. Happy Birthday!

49. Happy Birthday! You’re the kind of friend who can light up everyone ’s day with a smile. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.

50. Having a friend like you makes every day feel like one big party! Happy Birthday!

51. Happy Birthday! When it comes to friends, you’re the sweetest one around. Wishing you lots of happiness in the year ahead.

52. May your celebration be memorable and may the year ahead be brighter than ever. Happy Birthday!

53. Happy Birthday To A Special Friend. You’re always a star to me, and today is your day to shine!

54. It’s time to celebrate! A very special friend is turning another year more wonderful. Happy Birthday!

55. Another year. Another journey together. There’s no other friend I’d rather have by my side. Happy Birthday!

56. I hope you’re surrounded by beauty and light, today and always! Happy Birthday to My Friend.

57. To a truly paw-esome friend! I hope today you party it up, cut loose, and get a little wild! It’s your time to shine, have that extra piece of cake, and make it a day to remember!

58. What do I want to tell my best friend on their special day? That owl always love them! Happy Bird-day, my friend. I’m wishing you all the best.

59. Wishing my sweet friend a day full of sugar, spice, and everything nice! I love you. May this year bring you everything you’ve hoped and dreamed!

60. Another year of lessons learned, memories made, and goals accomplished. May this next season of life bring you even more joy and satisfaction. Wishing you health and happiness always. Happy Birthday, Friend.

61. Today is all about YOU, my wonderful friend! Party it up and have the best time- you deserve it! Wishing you another awesome year!

62. Happy Birthday to a true class act! Hoping you get to enjoy a laidback day full of heartfelt gifts, well-wishes, and your favorite treats.

63. Happy Birthday To An Amazing Friend. Your bright, colorful personality brings such joy to my life and the lives of others around you. On this special day I am wishing you all the fun and treats you can handle!

64. Cheers to another year well -lived. I propose a toast to you, darling friend, and to our incredible friendship. You are aging like a fine wine and it is an honor to be a part of your life. Have a great day, I love you!

65. May All Your Wishes Come True! I am so grateful to have a friend like you. Today is your special day and I’m sending you warm wishes, happy thoughts, and lots of love. I hope this next year brings you everything you desire…and maybe a few fun surprises too!

66. I’m so glad you were born so we could become friends. I hope you get to kick back with a big ol’ mug of your favorite birthday drink! Have a wonderful day, stay awesome!

Birthday Wishes for Friend

  1. Your simple hug has wiped my tears many times and your simple laugh has brought happiness into my face. Happy birthday.
  2. Maybe tonight you’ve become a year old, but still, you are my true and best buddy. Anyway, happy birthday.
  3. Your birthday gives all the people whose lives you’ve improved, a designated day to tell you how happy we are that you entered the world on this day.
  4. For all these years you’ve been my true friend and guide. Please remain forever. Happy birthday.
  5. We fought many times, but it was you who make up every time. You are truly special. Happy birthday.
  6. We have arranged a huge celebration because a special person like you always deserves the best birthday celebration party. Happy birthday.
  7. You are the one who understands me best. You guided me through the rough way of life. Thanks buddy. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  8. This is the day when my best buddy came into this lovely world. I’m so lucky that God sent you in my life. Happy birthday.
  9. You’re the best because you’re the greatest friend in all the land. I know that I’m not wrong. Happy birthday.
  10. I had many friends but all I needed was to find a true friend like you. Let’s celebrate your birthday.
  11. You and your birthday, both are truly very special in my life. All I need is your presence throughout life. Happy birthday buddy.
  12. You are such a wonderful friend that needs no description. Hope many more blessings will follow you in the coming years.
  13. Let’s celebrate your birthday party and get started to another remarkable year of your life. Live long, my dear friend. Happy birthday.
  14. Your birthdays come around every year, but it’s very true that friends like you can only be found once in a lifetime. Wishing you a colorful birthday party this evening.
  15. Your loyalty and integrity cannot be compared to anyone else. You are truly different in every aspect. Wishing a very happy and colorful birthday to the person who admires me the most.
  16. My birthday wishes for you is that you continue to love life and never stop dreaming. May beauty and happiness surround you, not only on your special day but always.
  17. For many people, the word friend is just a sequence of letters. For me, it is the source of happiness and strength because of you. Happy Birthday, buddy!
  18. Because I have a friend like you, every day feels like a holiday. I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday like it’s the most important day of the year!
  19. Your presence in my life means a lot. I’m so glad that you are still in my life. Happy birthday, dear.
  20. A friend like you is more priceless than the most beautiful diamond. You are not only strong and wise but kind and thoughtful as well. Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to show you much I care and how grateful I am to have you in my life.
  21. Your birthday is a wonderful occasion all by itself. But for me, it’s a special day allowing me to thank God for all that your friendship has meant to me
  22. You are a great friend of mine, so I hope you’ll have the greatest birthday celebration tonight. Happy birthday.
  23. I’m wishing you all the best my best friend, on this very special day. Keep your eyes open to watch all the surprises that I’ve arranged for you. Happy birthday.
  24. We talk every day, meet every day and still, it feels that I need your more company. Friend, I’ve placed you in my heart. Have a nice birthday.
  25. You cannot stop to have birthdays and of course, you cannot stop being my best friend. It’s really great to have a friend like you in my life. Happy birthday.
  26. Good friends don’t just get old. They only get better as they age, like a fine wine. Wishing you a birthday full of joy.
  27. You guided me all the way of my life and appreciated every success of mine. Happy birthday, friend.
  28. I still remember the day I met like it was yesterday. I am the luckiest person to have friends like you and the date when you are born is a moment of great joy for me. It represents the day a very special person came to this world. Happy Birthday!
  29. This morning I woke up early and since then my memories are reminding me that it’s the birthday of the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my life. Happy birthday.
  30. The most important day of the year has come and you know why it is so important? Because it’s the birthday of the most important person in my life. Happy birthday, buddy.
  31. You can find one superhero in a million or billion. True friends like you are rarer than that and may be found once in a lifetime. Happy birthday.
  32. I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be able to find a better friend than you even in my dream. Thanks for all the happiness you brought into my life. Happy birthday.
  33. There are so many things about our friendship that I love. Your birthday is going to be the perfect time to celebrate your special day, and all that our friendship means to me. I look forward to showing you how much I care.

Your birthday will always be an extraordinary and special day for me because you are a true friend and I love you until the end. I hope you get everything you ever wished for. Happy Birthday!

We celebrate your birthday once a year. You came to my life once and you made me happy every year. Happy Birthday! Glad you came into my life.

It’s so hard to find a true friend. Happy birthday my friend, thanks for being one, and I hope you will never change!

If we have a relationship promise—it will say, I’ll will never leave your side.

I may have a lot of friend in Facebook, but in reality, I would always just have you. Happy birthday and thanks for being there for me.

You know me like nobody else can. You are that one friend to me who no one else can be. Happy Birthday!

Life could be so satirical. I am rejoicing the aging process of a person I know I could never live without. Stay young! I wish you best birthday celebration.

You are so lovable and fun to be with. I would literally go out with you if you’re a guy. Sadly, you are a girl and you bring competition! Kidding, you’re so pretty!

You are like the sun. Even when I can’t see you, I knew you have been shining for me.

I wished for a true friend last time a blew my birthday cake. Then you came to my life. I hope your wishes will come true as well on your birthday.

I think of you only on these three days—yesterday, today and tomorrow. Happy birthday!

You are my best friend, worst critic, and best advisor. Best wishes for your birthday!

Even after you blow the candles out, I will still gleam up your life. Wish all your dreams come to life.

Happy birthday buddy. MY life would be incomplete without a friend like you!

Your smile and kindness is sweeter than any cake or sweet desserts. May your life be even sweeter for this year to come! I wish you happiest birthday ever!

I would be sad if I haven’t had a friend like you in my life.

If I was asked to write the names of the 10 friends, I will only have in the planet. I would write your name 10 times. I am sending heartfelt birthday wishes for my true friend!


I would treasure each minute I spend with you. You are my most treasure friend. Happy awesome birthday buddy!

They say no one is perfect but I will keep on trying to be your perfect friend till my dying breath. Happy birthday.

I hope you will have the sweetest cake on your birthday, but no one can compare to the sweetness of our friendship.

Just being around you makes my day complete. I hope I made your birthday complete as well. Wish you all the best, buddy.

You have stayed in my heart for another year. I would be rich if you are paying your rent. Happy fantastic birthday!

Happy birthday my friend. I wish there were more hours in a day to spend with a friend like you whom I love so dearly.

When all your friends leave soon after your party. I swear that I will stay.

Being friends with a likeable person is easy. But when you remain friends with a person through their worst attitudes? We call them best friend! Happy birthday!

You will always be my sister from another mother. Enjoy your birthday and lets celebrate!

I am so blessed to have you as my best friend. Have a amazing birthday. Now, a salty joke: You make a great substitute for a dog. Haha. Love ya!

I have a lot of friend who look after me like a real friend. What makes you stand out is that you look after me more than you look after yourself.

You will always be my best friend no matter where life takes us. Happy birthday to my dear friend, I will keep our memories sealed in my heart.


I hope your birthday will bring you a new year of sweetness and happiness like what you bring to me every time.

Happy birthday, I wish you will become closer to all the things you have dreamt of.

Happy birthday to the person who has always been there for me and taught me to believe in myself even when I was doubting myself.

Birthday Quotes & Wishes List for Friend

Being with you as a friend is the most comforting thing in the world to have. Have an awesome birthday.

I have a lot of friends but you are the only one I need. Happy birthday.

Your birthday is just an additional year. It is an additional experience and stories that we are going to share as best friends forever.

I love our friendship because we get to be ourselves and do crazy things together. I just hate it when you are not around because life becomes overly dull and boring. Happy birthday.

Happy special birthday to special friend! Our friendship is like the infinity sign. No rough edges, no ends and with a definite twist of adventures!

Happy birthday to my twin. Yes, even if we’re just friends, your birthday always feels like mine. Happy Birthday.

You have always been there for me to depend on, so this time on your birthday, let’s go ahead and get some drinks and party. It will be my turn to be your shoulder to lean on.

All the fancy stuff doesn’t even match my wishes for you on your special day. Happy Birthday.

Wonderful birthday to my friend who has never left my side through thick and thin. I don’t know how am I going to live my life without you. This is your special day; I wish you all the best.

Loving birthday wishes to my best friend: the one who laughs at my silliest jokes and the shoulder I can lean on during tough times. I love you and I will be here for you– same way you have been for me all this time.

100 Birthday Quotes

The city should be preparing for trouble, because it is your birthday and we are going to celebrate all night like there’s no tomorrow! Have a blast on your birthday!

On this special day, I would like you to know how thankful I am for having a friend like you. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to my dearest friend, I pray that this year will be the greatest year of your life and that you may have the brightest smile on your face you ever had.

Best friends share everything to each other, So I am celebrating your birthday like my own. Please don’t forget the presents. Happy birthday.

Our friendship has already proven to pass the test of time and difficulties. Thank you for being someone I can rely to. I I wish you all the best for your birthday.

A true friend is hard to find—that’s because I am hiding you from them! I hope you never forget that I am your best friend. Happy Birthday.

It’s your birthday today! Let’s rock and celebrate!

Birthday Wishes For A Good Friend

I hope you get the best out of this year because you are not just ONE of the best. YOU ARE the best! Happy birthday!

For your special day, I tried to come up with a message to show you how I truly appreciate you and our friendship. I couldn’t find the right words to tell you how amazing you are. You are more special than the word amazing itself. Wonderful birthday!

Because you have been such a great friend to me all this time, it is my duty as your BFF to make sure that you will have the most amazing birthday party ever! It is such a great honor and privilege to be friends with you. Happy Birthday. Let’s go ahead and party!

One of the most wonderful feeling in the world is to know that you have great friends that will support you all the way till the end. You are that friend to me.

I feel blessed to have a friend like you and it almost seemed like a celebration every day. Your birthday, for me, is the biggest celebration of them all. Happy birthday!

They say, birds of the same feather flock together. I say, they become best friends forever! Happy birthday my friend. Thank you for being the best friend in the world for me.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

A great friend like you deserves to have the greatest birthday party and I hope your wishes will come true in this special day of yours. Happy Birthday.

I was lost in the dark when I bumped into you. Suddenly, the darkness ended—all because you were the shining light that brightened up my path with care and love.

Thank you for the wonderful years of friendship! Happy birthday, buddy!

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes

I hope you get surrounded by many good friends to get everything right on your birthday. Count me in! Together, our friendship will get us going through anything in the world!

They say friends come and go and best friends are the one who stays and stands with you through the test of time. I am lucky you decided to stay and now, we are celebrating another birthday of yours! Let the celebration begin!

May the celebration of your birthday this year will start a wonderful chapter in your life, and I still want to stick by your side and witness it as well. Happy birthday.

Happy Friday Quotes

You are the epitome of the word AWESOME! Wishing you a whimsical celebration! Have a super birthday, BFF!

You are not a precious friend for me—you are PRICELESS! I wish you have an extremely fantastic birthday!

Sometimes, I wonder if you know me more than I know myself. You are that one great friend who understands me without me trying to explain myself. I want to let you know that you are indeed a very important to me. Wonderful birthday!

Happy birthday to the closest friend I have! I feel so blessed that you are my best friend and that you came and stayed with me. Happy Birthday.

I am so grateful for every second that we spent together. All my memories with you will still remain special to me as the years go by. Let us add some more of those magical moment together tonight on your birthday! Happy bday BFF!

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